Broad Band Light. The perfect solution to sun damage and brown spots.

BBL HERO® handpiece addresses the skin’s overall appearance, while multiple passes using different wavelengths of light help correct pigment, redness and capillaries and may even result in the appearance of tighter skin.

Forever Clear BBL® for acne effectively treats acne without the side effects of pharmaceuticals.

Forever Bare BBL® for hair reduction permanently reduces hair on most skin types.

Sciton’s BBL delivers 4x the speed, 3x the peak power, and 2x the cooling as standard IPL technology

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HALO a hybrid fractional laser for glowing, healthy skin


HALO® simultaneously delivers a non-ablative 1470 nm and an ablative 2940 nm wavelength to the same microscopic treatment zone, delivering UNMATCHED improvement in the appearance of aging skin.

Ablative wavelengths target and treat the skin for surface-level conditions such as texture and pore size. The non-ablative wavelength targets deeper sun damage and other dermal pigmentary issues.

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NANO Laser Peel is the quintessential ‘lunchtime peel’ for its quick skin polish

NanoLaserPeel is a comfortable erbium laser treatment that improves skin’s texture and appearance. The treatment polishes dull, dry skin with minimal downtime.

Treatment focus for Nano is dullness, mild wrinkles and aging skin.

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ProFractional Resurfacing is the answer to fine lines and wrinkles. 

The ultimate in anti-aging!

ProFractional restores the appearance of a healthy, youthful complexion and removes the visible signs of damaged skin, including scars, with the safe, effective, and low to moderate-downtime treatment.

ProFractional also is ideal for laser scar revision, often avoiding the need for more surgery.

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How to choose which laser is right for you

  • When is the best time of year for laser treatments?

    This depends on what type of laser, the location of treatment and the goals.

    For light-based laser, like BBL, it is best to plan treatments in the WINTER and SPRING.  Usually for best results you need 3 treatments spaced one month apart.  You should remain out of the sun for 2 weeks prior to treatment and stay sun protected during the course of your treatment.

    For energy-based laser, like HALO, treatments can be done at any time of year.  You need to be sun-free for 2 weeks prior to treatment and maintain diligent sun protection for 4 weeks after treatment.  Remember, protecting your skin from the sun will optimize your treatment outcomes and avoid any unwanted discoloration.

    For laser hair removal treatments can be done at any time of year.  The treatment area must be tan-free and definitely not sunburned!

  • How do I choose the right laser treatment?

    Usually it is best to schedule a consultation to discuss your goals with your provider.  However, we can provide a general overview of how each laser preforms for certain skin conditions.

    BBL: Brown spots, capillaries and blood vessels, acne, hair removal

    HALO: Skin texture, sun damage, large pores and fine lines

    NANO: Dull appearing skin, rough texture, mild sun damage

    Pro-Fractional: Deeper wrinkles, skin texture, signs of aging

  • How long do results last?

    Some treatments will require multiple sessions for ideal outcomes.  After that, patients typically opt for  yearly maintenance sessions.

    BBL: 3-6 months

    HALO: up to 1 year

    NANO Laser Peel: 2-3 months

    Pro-Fractional: up to 2 years


  • How long is the recovery after BBL?

    The day of treatment the skin feels warm and you may have redness.  

    There is no downtime with BBL, you can return to your normal skin care routine in 1-2 days.

    Treated areas of sun damage will develop dark, coffee-ground-like discoloration in 1-2 days and resolve completely by 1 week.

  • Does it hurt?

    Treatment feels warm and some people describe a sensation like being snapped with a rubber band.  The benefit of BBL is that many treatments can be done with what’s called “In Motion” so the laser hand piece is always moving and this reduces the sensation of heat.  The hand piece is also chilled to help with comfort. 

    You do not need numbing before BBL.

  • For best results we recommend a package of 3 treatments for the face neck and chest separated by about 6 weeks.

Sciton HALO

  • Who is a good candidate for HALO?

    Patients who suffer from Melasma or irregular pigmentation of the skin as well as patients with signs of aging like fine lines and large pores.

    HALO is safe in ALL skin types!

  • How does HALO work?

    HALO is two types of fractional laser in one, so you get double the treatment!  The 1470nm laser is non-ablative, which means the energy enters deep into the skin, but does not cause any outside damage.  This part of the laser is meant to tighten skin and target deep oxidative damage like pigment changes.  The 2940nm laser is ablative, which means there is microscopic damage provided to the surface of the skin in a fractionated way.  This is what helps correct pore size and skin irregularities.

  • How much downtime can I expect with HALO?

    Patients return to regular activities the next day after treatment.  Some patients may experience swelling, especially around the eyes.  

    The skin may feel warm for 1-2 days.  The skin may feel raw or ‘sandy’ for 3-5 days.  This is called MENDs which stands for Microscopic Epidermal Necrotic Debris and is a result of fractionated laser.  Basically it is the dead unwanted skin material and excess pigment leaving the skin after treatment.  It is important not to pick at this material as it will naturally release from the skin when it’s ready.

    Patients can wear makeup and return to a normal skin care routine by day 5.

  • How should I prepare for my visit?

    If you have a history of cold sores, you need to take an antiviral medication prior to your treatment.

    Avoid sun for 2 weeks before treatment and 6 weeks afterwards.

    You will need to arrive early to your appointment so there is time for numbing.  The numbing medication is placed on the areas that will be treated for about 1 hour before your HALO.

    SARA will provide you with all the after care skin regimen that you will need.

  • What are the risks of HALO?

    Risks include:  Infection, prolonged redness, swelling, pigment changes, cold sores

Nano Peel

  • What is a Nano Peel?

    Superficial resurfacing or peel, much like a chemical peel.  Nano is extremely precise in how deep the treatment goes and can be tailored to each individual patient.

    NanoLaserPeel delivers laser energy into the skin stimulating new collagen production. This process removes the superficial layer of the skin which results in the appearance of clearer, smoother skin.

  • How do I prepare for a Nano Peel?

    Avoid sun for 2 weeks before and 4 weeks after Nano Peel.

    Let your provider know if you have a history of cold sores so you can take anti-viral medication beforehand.

    You will need to arrive 1 hour before treatment for numbing.

  • How much downtime will I have with Nano Peel?

    A NanoLaserPeel can be custom tailored for you and your skin—meaning you choose your desired results and a downtime that works for you.

    Typical downtime is 2-3 hours.  Recovery 1-2 days.  Noticeable results 1 week!

  • Can I combine Nano Peel with other laser treatments?

    Yes!  Nano is well matched with BBL to maximize correction of sun damage and reduce brown spots. When combined with Pro-fractional laser it provides a powerful wrinkle reduction in some areas that have more signs of aging, like the areas around the eyes or mouth.

  • How many treatments will I need?

    Just like a chemical peel, consistency is key to performance.   Nano Laser Peel should be repeated every 2-3 months for consistent skin enhancement along with daily skin care routine.

Pro-Fractional Resurfacing

  • Who is a good candidate for Pro-Fractional treatment?

    Middle age or older patients who are looking for a powerful approach to wrinkle reduction.

    ProFractional is ideal for the treatment of

    • The Appearance of Fine Lines & Wrinkles
    • Acne Scars & Scar Revision
    • Dull Skin
  • How does Pro-Fractional work?

    Profractional creates channels in the skin with a narrow diameter to stimulate natural collagen remodeling, resulting in the appearance of younger-looking and refreshed skin.

    Since ProFractional treats only a fraction of the skin, the surrounding is left in tact, which promotes rapid healing. This is unlike full-field resurfacing techniques that remove the entire surface area of a treatment site.

  • Is ProFractional Laser painful?

    At SARA you will be treated with a strong topical anesthetic prior to your Pro-Fractional treatment to make sure you are comfortable during your treatment session.

  • What is the recovery like with Pro-Fractional Resurfacing?

    Initial recovery can take up to 10 days for the skin to completely heal.  Redness in the treated areas can last up to 4 weeks.

    Most patients enjoy normal social activities within a few days of treatment.

    Makeup can be worn as soon as the skin is healed.  Ideally, tinted sunscreen is used to help conceal any pink areas as they recover.  The skin continues to improve with added wrinkle reduction and rejuvenation over several weeks.

    Patients typically see noticeable improvement within weeks, with continued improvement for up to six months.

  • How long do results last?

    The good news is that the slightly longer downtime means that the results are both powerful and sustained!  Patients typically see noticeable improvement within weeks and continued improvement for up to six months.   The best part is most people feel like they maintain results for over 2-3 years and some even longer. 

    Some times deeper wrinkle areas benefit from a second treatment 8-10 weeks after the first treatment.  This is usually limited to just the trouble spots so downtime is less.  

  • How should I prepare for my visit?

    If you have a history of cold sores you should take an antiviral medication prior to your treatment.  SARA will provide a prescription if you don’t have one.

    Stop using all retinol products 1 week prior to your treatment.  Avoid sun exposure or tanning 2 weeks before your treatment.

    Arrive with a clean face without makeup.

    You will be treated with topical numbing medication 1 hour before your treatment.

    All post-care recovery products will be provided to you by SARA as part of your laser treatment package.