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Non-Surgical Laser Treatments

Minimal downtime so you can focus on the best version of you

Cutting edge laser cosmetic treatments are quick, effective, and you can go home within minutes of your session.

Broad Band Light Laser Treatment

Broad Band Light

The BBL HERO® handpiece addresses the skin’s overall appearance, while multiple passes using different wavelengths of light help correct pigment, redness and capillaries and may even result in the appearance of tighter skin.

Forever Clear BBL® for acne effectively treats acne without the side effects of pharmaceuticals.

Forever Bare BBL® for hair reduction permanently reduces hair on most skin types.

Sciton’s BBL delivers 4x the speed, 3x the peak power, and 2x the cooling as standard IPL technology.

Broad Band Light. The perfect solution to sun damage and brown spots.

Halo Laser Treatment


HALO® simultaneously delivers a non-ablative 1470 nm and an ablative 2940 nm wavelength to the same microscopic treatment zone, delivering UNMATCHED improvement in the appearance of aging skin.

Ablative wavelengths target and treat the skin for surface-level conditions such as texture and pore size. The non-ablative wavelength targets deeper sun damage and other dermal pigmentary issues.

HALO a hybrid fractional laser for glowing, healthy skin.
Nano Laser Peel Treatment Chicago

Nano Laser Peel Treatment

NanoLaserPeel is a comfortable erbium laser treatment that improves skin’s texture and appearance. The treatment polishes dull, dry skin with minimal downtime.

Treatment focus for Nano is dullness, mild wrinkles and aging skin.

NANO Laser Peel is the quintessential ‘lunchtime peel’ for its quick skin polish.
ProFractional Resurfacing Laser Treatment

ProFractional Resurfacing

The ultimate in anti-aging!

ProFractional restores the appearance of a healthy, youthful complexion and removes the visible signs of damaged skin, including scars, with the safe, effective, and low to moderate-downtime treatment.

ProFractional also is ideal for laser scar revision, often avoiding the need for more surgery.

ProFractional Resurfacing is the answer to fine lines and wrinkles.