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Lainie K. Avatar
Dr. Dickie is an incredibly talented surgeon and a champion for women. We first saw Dr. Dickie for a surgical consult when my daughter was 15 years old. She supported my daughter’s health needs and wishes, and when insurance denied my daughter’s claim, Dr. Dickie fought insurance to get a better outcome. Unfortunately because of my daughter’s age at the time, being a minor, insurance wouldn’t budge on their decision. My daughter turned 18 this year, and we immediately went back to Dr. Dickie to try again. This time insurance approved the procedure. Yay! Throughout the entire process, she was so supportive of my daughter, reassuring to myself and her dad, and really walked us through the entire process with kindness and patience. Her entire office staff is so great too. Mia is her patient coordinator, and she went so far as to call us on a weekend to give us the good news that insurance had approved the procedure. She celebrated the win with us. The whole experience was just very reassuring and supportive. And my daughter couldn’t be happier with the results of her procedure. Highest recommendation!
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Lainie K. 6/20/2024
Kelly F. Avatar
I absolutely love Dr. Dickie and her NP Sarah. I feel extremely lucky that she was the recommended surgeon from my UHC plan. I had my reduction in March 2024 and couldn't be happier with my results. Everyone has only had positive things to say about how I look and how proportion my results are. I think finding a surgeon is overwhelming and difficult. This office prioritizes patient care and is with you every step of the way. My only regret is not doing this surgery sooner. I would recommend Dr. Dickie to anyone. She is kind, down to earth, honest, and patient.
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Kelly F. 5/16/2024
Noor A. Avatar
I had the PLEASURE of working with Sara, the nurse practitioner, today for my laser procedure and she is beyond amazing! She took her time explaining all of the details of the procedure along with do’s/dont’s pre and post procedure. She has such a light touch and I felt absolutely nothing during the whole thing! I couldn’t recommend her enough!!! Go get your procedures done here, you won’t regret it! Excited to see how my results turn out! Thank you ❤️
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Noor A. 5/01/2024
Tessa B. Avatar
What a wonderful practice! Dr. Dickie and Sara B are a fantastic team. They listen carefully, are thoughtful in their recommendations, and create a personalized treatment plan with you that makes you feel so good. Sara B's knowledge, skill and compassion shine through in her treatments. Dr. Dickie is incredibly knowledgable and a true expert in her field - I'm so happy to be her patient!
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Tessa B. 4/25/2024
Kari S. Avatar
Dr. Dickie is one of the most compassionate, caring individuals I have met. Not only is she an amazing surgeon, but as a person, she truly cares for each of her patients like they are family. She listens, she hears you, she comes up with a plan that she explains fully for you. When I saw her I felt like I was the only patient she had that day. She was never rushed to get through my appointments. What I was most impressed when I first met her was her focus on reconstructive plastic surgery. I highly recommend seeing her for any of your plastic surgery needs.
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Kari S. 4/08/2024
Emily Y. Avatar
Dr. Sara Dickie is an incredible professional with a range of expertise to suit any patient. She is bright, thoughtful, and just the partner you need for elective or non-elective procedures. And the staff is incredible. Dr. Dickie's wonderful nurse, also named Sara, provides the level of care I've never found at another clinic, combined with a deep knowledge of patient care.
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Emily Y. 4/01/2024
Jane Avatar
Dr.dickie did my stitches and I can’t even see the scar!
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Jane 4/01/2024
Erica R. Avatar
My experience with Dr. Dickie, getting plastic surgery to close a mohs surgery I got following discovery of a basal cell carcinoma on my face, could not have been more successful! I have vasovagal syncope, which means I pretty much faint at the THOUGHT of needles (and from which I am feeling a bit woozy just writing about), and the care and concern that went in to the biopsy and the final closure were both sympathetic as well as skillful. To my amazement, the scar is unnoticeable, so now I'm undertaking a long-time desire to clear the freckles and brown spots on my face, and mid-treatment, I'm already thrilled with the outcome. I LOVE this practice!
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Erica R. 3/22/2024
Sami C. Avatar
Dr. Dickie and her staff are incredible! They are warm, welcoming, intelligent, comforting, and more. I am beyond ecstatic with the results of my procedure and would not have trusted anyone else with the job.
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Sami C. 2/22/2024
Sherrie C. Avatar
Working with Dr. Dickie and her staff was a wonderful experience. Dr. Dickie explained procedures very explicitly using terms that was understood by my daughter (the patient) and myself. She answered every question we had. Dr. Dickie was easy to talk to when discussing pre-op, the actual procedure, and recovery. She told us exactly what to expect along the way. We are very pleased that we have chosen Dr. Dickie with such an important procedure.
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Sherrie C. 1/22/2024
Rhys B. Avatar
Dr Dickie and her staff are so wonderful! Every step of the process with them was made so easy and I felt supported and cared for from the consultation through the post op appointments! After surgery, my quality of life has improved %100. I am beyond thankful for this group of women, they are excellent!
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Rhys B. 12/22/2023
Daphne M. Avatar
Dr. Dickie's office is exceptional! Everyone is friendly and professional and the process from pre-operation to now has been a breeze in communication and healing.
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Daphne M. 12/22/2023
Flemming K. Avatar
I highly recommend Dr. Sara Dickie. She is professional and shares her opinion and great treatment options. The practice is new, clean, and innovative. I felt welcomed and well cared for by her team.
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Flemming K. 11/22/2023
Stephanie S. Avatar
I would highly recommend Dr Sara Dickie. The practice is new, clean, & innovative. I felt welcomed & well cared for by this professional team.
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Stephanie S. 11/22/2023
Niki Z. Avatar
Dr. Dickie is knowledgeable and patient. She takes time to listen to your concerns and is kind and understanding, while explaining your options. I would highly recommend Dr. Dickie and staff!
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Niki Z. 10/22/2023
Im S. Avatar
TL;DR: Dr Dickie and her team: Spectacular! I had a prior horrible, traumatic experience with a different surgeon. He left me unable to work. 5 years later, I was still unable to move in certain ways, with severe pain, and a nearly 2 foot long ugly scar that went up my abdomen, through part of my breast and under my armpit. I went to other surgeons seeking help. They were not confident as they had never seen anything like it. Then I found Dr Dickie by chance. You can imagine the thorough vetting process from friends and family. She came highly recommended by all—even the chief of plastics at UChicago. Dr Dickie’s team listened. They validated my experience. They supported me through my fears. Dr Dickie explained thoroughly and answered about a million questions from my husband. I felt educated and informed by her. I felt confident she was the right surgeon. On the day of the procedure, I felt surrounded by healers. I have never had an experience surrounded by all women in the OR. It was so much better than my experience with the other guy. Dr Dickie is a healer. Dr Dickie is an artist, a master of her craft. Because of Dr Dickie, I have little to no pain now—nothing like before. I have full range of motion. My scar looks much better. Bonus: I have normal looking breasts again. I am so blessed to have found her. Thank you, Dr Sara Dickie. You changed my life. Seriously, thank you. -Im Schmiggedy
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Im S. 10/22/2023
Rosanne C. Avatar
Dr. Dickie is awesome! She listens to your concerns and treats you like an individual. She’s an artist with the Tox!
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Rosanne C. 10/22/2023
Holley H. Avatar
Dr Dickie and the staff in her office approached my care in such a manner as to give me confidence in their abilities. Dr Dickie was very thorough in explaining the procedure both the surgical method, and what I could expect in regard to healing and end results. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Dickie to anyone in need of plastic surgery.
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Holley H. 10/22/2023
Francesca P. Avatar
I've been going to Dr. Dickie for Botox for years. She's also done some small cosmetic procedures for me. Every visit is a pleasure - her staff are highly professional and her facilities and equipment are spectacular. I am blown away by the customer service in her office, especially during a time when so many services seem to have forgotten the customer's experience. I also appreciate that Dr. Dickie never pressures or "oversells" me on products or procedures. I prefer a more natural look and am not big on cosmetics, and her guidance on skin-care products and opportunities for - let's say "adjustments" - to my natural aging have always been spot-on and in line with my values and my preferences. I'm looking forward to ongoing consultation with her as I settle into middle age and consider my options for various tweaks to my rapidly aging skin!!
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Francesca P. 10/22/2023
Nikisha J. Avatar
I was treated by Dr Dickie for botox using daxxify, which produces long lasting effects, far beyond the 2-3 mths that is typical with all the other products. I had a painless and quick visit with her, and my forehead looks smooth and wrinkle-free! Overall, I highly recommend Dr Dickie.
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Nikisha J. 10/22/2023
Natalie R. Avatar
Dr. Dickie's work is outstanding. I am very happy with the results, and recommend her highly. She is detail oriented, thorough, and it is obvious she cares about helping her patients get the best outcome possible.
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Natalie R. 9/22/2023
Diana H. Avatar
Dr. Sara is the real deal--I feel so much better that she's an actual MD, and has a wealth of knowledge far more than "skin deep." She'll also talk you off the ledge as to what procedures you actually need, versus want. I never look like I've had work done after seeing her; I just look better without looking freaky or fake. Go see her--plus her office is so gorgeous she could moonlight as an interior designer if her medical skills weren't so in demand!
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Diana H. 9/22/2023
Claire Z. Avatar
I love Dr. Dickie's work--she has a careful, judicious eye and makes sure people feel like themselves and love how they work. My favorite was the Nanopeel which was like a photo filter for my face but in real life. Lovely office and kind staff make visits even more pleasant.
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Claire Z. 9/22/2023
Doris S. Avatar
Seriously feel I could not have had a better experience. Dr. Dickie and her staff are amazing. I highly recommend them if you considering any plastic or reconstructive surgery! So happy with the results.
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Doris S. 8/22/2023
Trapp G. Avatar
Mia was very helpful and amazing personality Sara dickie and Sara the nurse made me feel safe and calm during my cyst removal and it was painless and quick highly recommended
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Trapp G. 6/22/2023
Sisi S. Avatar
I had the most wonderful experience with Dr. Dickie and her whole team! With professionalism and care, Dr. Dickie patiently explained the procedure and answered all my questions. I felt heard and understood which helped me feel more confident in my decision. I couldn’t be happier with the results of my breast lift (with no implants). I still don’t know how Dr. Dickie managed to make my breast look so youthful and beautiful…Definitely got some magic in these hands! And the stitches were done so well that their healing process is faster. I can’t thank her and her team at the office enough! All are the kindest people you can meet! Thank you!
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Sisi S. 6/22/2023
Diane S. Avatar
Dr Dickie is so incredibly talented and compassionate. She opened her office for a young woman I know who had an accident; she had a horrific gash under her eye. A small hospital told her to find a plastic surgeon as they couldn’t do much to help her without leaving a very large scar. Dr Dickie went out of her way to calm and care for her. She even gave a referral for follow up with another surgeon to minimize scaring when the young woman returned home in another major city. Above and beyond.
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Diane S. 4/22/2023
Trish M. Avatar
Dr. Dickie, RN Sara, and Brooks are a dream team. Couldn’t be happier with my Botox experience! I felt incredibly comfortable in their care and would recommend this practice to everyone!
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Trish M. 4/22/2023
Nazish B. Avatar
I love Dr. Dickie and her team! Love the botox I got from her! Would definitely recommend her services to anyone I know. Looking forward to going back to see her soon!
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Nazish B. 4/22/2023
Judy M. Avatar
Dr. Dickie is wonderful as his her entire staff! Would highly recommend
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Judy M. 4/22/2023
Debra F. Avatar
Dr. Dickie is amazing! I had a breast reduction in July 2021 and a revision in December 2021. I just had my 1yr post op appointment and through the entire process beginning to end, she was wonderful. She answered all my questions, her team always followed up with me, and I never felt uncomfortable about any part of the process. The compliments I've received about how comfortable I look in my own skin now, as well as the incredible work Dr. Dickie performed, have been non stop since the surgery. I feel better, and Dr. Dickie truly created art. Shout out to all her team as well! Brooks is amazing at his job and was always on top of the insurance questions, appointments and following up just to check in. I highly recommend Dr. Dickie and her team!
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Debra F. 4/22/2023
Juliet L. Avatar
Dr. Sara Dickie was amazing with my son's surgery. Her & ALL her staff were friendly & amazing just like Dr. Dickie. During my son's surgery she was telling him what she was doing every step of the way & was checking on him while her doing the procedure. I love how she & her staff treat you. If you need any plastic surgery done, Dr. Sara Dickie is the one. The surgery she did for my son was removing a dime size bald spot on his head, everything was done so smoothly. I honestly love Dr. Dickie & her staff!
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Juliet L. 4/22/2023
Maya S. Avatar
I am extremely happy my regular dermotology’s list recommended Dr. Dickie’s office for me. The whole staff is absolutely amazing and pleasant. I plan on coming back for lasers and fillers at their location. Dr. Dickie and Sara the RN, explained the procedures and had great bed side manner.
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Maya S. 4/22/2023
Robert N. Avatar
Dr. Dickie performed plastic surgery to close the wound caused by Mohs surgery. I couldn’t be more satisfied with her ….. it was frankly unbelievable how she was able to close the deep wound. I highly recommend Dr. Dickie.
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Robert N. 4/22/2023
Valari V. Avatar
Beautiful office with courteous, professional staff. This is my second visit with Sara B., RN and I couldn’t be more pleased with my visit and results. I have had the BBL facial treatment and Botox. Sara is very knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease in her chair. I would absolutely recommend Sara for injectable’s and laser treatments.
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Valari V. 4/22/2023
Alisher A. Avatar
I am surprised with my results, it’s getting better and better,I recommend dr Sara Dickie for everyone , she knows her job and she is a very good doctor, and her team also good team i really appreciated thank you
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Alisher A. 4/22/2022
Karen K. Avatar
Dr Dickie is a very kind and compassionate practitioner. She is an excellent listener! I would highly recommend her services.
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Karen K. 4/22/2021
Heather C. Avatar
I had checked with a few other surgeons prior to finding Dr Dickie and I was not at all impressed. Not very pleasant people. I had very thin skin on my lower abdomen after having three children and that skin, when rubbed, would rip open. Enough was enough and getting older was only creating more issues with it. (The older you get, the thinner your skin gets.) After some research, reaching out to my insurance company for some recommendations, Dr Dickie's name appeared at the very top of the list my insurance sent me. She had awards and came highly recommended. Upon further research, I found she also volunteered her time to help children with cleft palettes and such. So I decided to make an appointment to explore my options. She was not at all what I thought I'd be meeting. She was very personable, eager to answer all my questions yet very patient. You know how some doctors want to push you in one direction or another? Or are too dismissive about your concerns or questions? Not this lady. She was the exception to the rule. She suggested we do a panniculectomy to remove that bad skin. Never once pushed me to pursue a tummy tuck. Once I talked with my insurance and found they wouldn't cover this I decided to explore the option of going through the procedure of a tummy tuck. Might as well do the whole shebang if insurance won't pay for it, right? Once we had our decision made and a plan in place, surgery went extremely well. I don't think I could be happier. I had a tummy tuck, lipo and muscle repair. The bad skin is gone and the belly button she created looks so natural! My friends even complimented how clean my cut was, my belly button looked great and how little bruising I actually had. She did such a wonderful job! The follow up care has been optimal as well. You can tell she takes pride in her work - it's like an art. And she cares about her patients and their healing process. And let me tell you about her coordinator, Brooks Johnson. He is beyond amazing! He's so on top of things, extremely responsive, takes a personal interest in your care and really goes the extra mile. Between these two, you couldn't ask for a better team to take care of you. So if you're looking for a plastic surgeon for your next procedure, look no further. I believe you'll be very happy with this team and your decision.
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Heather C. 4/22/2021
Jeremy W. Avatar
Dr. Dickie did a phenomenal job on my procedure. So comfortable and results are awesome.
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Jeremy W. 4/22/2021
Susan T. Avatar
The very best team. 100% satisfied. Would recommend Dr. Dickie. Brooks is very helpful and work with you to accommodate your need!
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Susan T. 4/22/2021
john g. Avatar
Sara, Brook and everyone at Illinois Dermatology are efficient, caring and patient focused. Sara removed a small melanoma site at the apex of my skull and did a graft from my right shoulder. It turned out excellently and the follow up has been great as well.
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john g. 4/22/2020
Sheri S. Avatar
Dr. Dickie has been helping me from a surgical perspective resolve a complicated skin issue. She has been very helpful in my issue and also referred me to an expert Dermatologist downtown. Brooks is just as amazing at getting me scheduled into the office as well as surgery appointments ASAP. I really appreciate their help.
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Sheri S. 4/22/2020
Charles O. Avatar
My experience with Dr.Dickie and her staff could not have been better. The treatment was very successful. Their concern about me was very comforting
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Charles O. 4/22/2020
Hillary W. Avatar
Dr. Dickie preformed a breast reduction on our 17 year old daughter. From the initial consultation to discharge from care....AMAZING. Fantastic bed side manner, responsive to questions, surgical center extremely well-run. And, her medical assistant, Brooks, is the most professional, kind and caring person. Highly recommend Dr. Dickie and her team. Our daughter couldn't be happier. I am so grateful to Dr. Bruce Bauer for recommending Dr. Dickie.
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Hillary W. 4/22/2020
Bogusia W. Avatar
Dr. Dickie performed a breast reduction on me and I couldn’t be happier. From the initial consultation throughout the post-op follow ups she’s been very professional and easy to talk to. Great bedside manners. Her surgery coordinator Brooks also very professional. They both made this experience way less stressful for me.
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Bogusia W. 4/22/2019
Jay L. Avatar
I had an excellent experience with Dr. Sara Dickie and her coordinator, Brooks Johnson. Thank you both for making an unexpected health scare as easy to get through as possible. You are both A+ in my book and I am grateful for the care you gave me.
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Jay L. 4/22/2019
Shalyn V. Avatar
Dr. Dickie does a great job not only with her skills but also her bedside manner. She does an excellent job with my botox and injectables. I've also had numerous lesions removed with great results! I Definitely will go back again!
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Shalyn V. 4/22/2019
Keddria C. Avatar
Dr.Dickie did an amazing job with my panniculectomy. Would definitely recommend.
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Keddria C. 4/22/2019