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Reconstructive Surgery & Pediatrics

Restore functional anatomy with aesthetics always in mind

Cancer, trauma, or birth differences are not planned; however, treatment must be expertly approached. The techniques of plastic surgery correct deformities while restoring a sense of normalcy.

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Mohs Reconstruction

Plastic surgical reconstruction is a standard tool used to close wound defects caused by Mohs surgery. Specific techniques will provide the best scar possible.

Mohs surgery treats non-melanoma-type skin cancer of the face.
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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to pediatric plastic surgery. Each patient requires a specialized care plan for success. When children feel safe and respected, and families work together as a team the best outcomes can be achieved.

Children are not small adults.
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Not all scars are created equally. Depending on shape, texture, color and the effect a scar has on nearby structures different treatment approaches may be required.

Scars resulting from trauma or surgery don’t have to last a lifetime.
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Skin Lesions

While little lesions may seem like no big deal, they can affect daily life and self-image.  Most can be treated with local anesthesia in the office and minimal downtime. 

Lumps, bumps, birthmarks and spots can be real problems needing real treatments.