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Breast Lift & Reduction

Our 49 year old patient is thrilled with her 6 month results.  She is pain free and able to enjoy her favorite activities and wear fabulous clothes in the correct size for her body.

The Basics

Breast reduction surgery, medically known as reduction mammoplasty, is a procedure designed to decrease the size of overly large breasts that may cause physical discomfort or health issues such as back pain and neck strain. By removing excess breast tissue, fat, and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion with your body frame, this operation not only alleviates medical problems but also enhances personal comfort during daily activities.

Who is a good candidate?

Individuals who lead active lifestyles may opt for breast reduction surgery to improve mobility and reduce discomfort during physical activities. Large breasts can restrict movement and create difficulties with exercises like running or aerobics. By reducing breast size, athletes can achieve greater ease and flexibility in their workouts, enhancing performance and overall comfort.

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