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Combination procedures are common when patients choose face lifting surgery.  This patient underwent a lower lid lift along with a small brow lift as well as full face and neck lift.

The Basics

Facelift surgery is a common solution for those experiencing significant facial sagging and droopiness, particularly around the jawline and neck. As we age, gravity, sun exposure, and lifestyle factors can cause skin and muscles to sag, leading to jowls and loose skin. A facelift lifts and repositions these tissues, reshaping the contours of the face and neck to restore a firmer, more defined look.

Who is a good candidate?

Facelift surgery candidates should be in good overall health to ensure a safe procedure and smooth recovery. This includes not having any serious medical conditions that could complicate surgery, as well as maintaining a stable weight. Non-smokers or those willing to quit smoking prior to surgery are preferred, as smoking can affect healing and increase the risk of complications.

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