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Skin Lesions: Birthmark Removal

This patient had a mole that many doctors said couldn’t be removed because the scar would be worse than the mole.  He underwent two surgeries to remove his mole and contour the nose for the best overall symmetry.  He is shown three months after his second surgery.

The Basics

Birthmark removal using laser therapy is a popular method for reducing or eliminating unwanted birthmarks. This procedure involves using targeted laser light to break down pigments or coagulate blood vessels in the birthmark, depending on its type. By applying a specific wavelength of laser energy, the treatment can effectively lighten or remove birthmarks with minimal damage to surrounding tissue. This approach is often used to treat pigmented birthmarks like café-au-lait spots, as well as vascular birthmarks like hemangiomas or port-wine stains, offering a path to clearer, more even-toned skin.

Who is a good candidate?

Ideal candidates for birthmark removal consists of individuals whose birthmarks may pose health risks. This includes large or atypical moles, known as congenital nevi, which can have an increased risk of developing into melanoma. Candidates in this category are often advised by their dermatologists or healthcare providers to consider removal as a preventive measure. For them, birthmark removal is not just about aesthetics but also about mitigating potential health risks. Surgical removal may be recommended to ensure complete excision and reduce the risk of recurrence or complications.

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