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Upper Lower Eyelid Lift

Uppers and Lowers: Four Lid Surgery

The eyes often betray our age before other parts of the face. Treating both the upper and lower lids at the same time can return balance to the upper face.

The Basics

Four lid surgery offers a harmonized approach to eyelid surgery by treating the upper and lower eyelids simultaneously. This allows for a more balanced and cohesive result, as changes to one part of the eye area can affect the overall facial symmetry. By addressing both the upper and lower lids in one procedure, surgeons can create a more harmonious and natural outcome, enhancing the patient’s overall facial proportions.

Who is a good candidate?

Some people with heavy upper eyelids find that their drooping skin obstructs their field of vision, affecting daily activities like reading, driving, or working. Candidates for four lid surgery might seek the procedure to improve their vision by removing excess skin and fat from the upper eyelids. This functional benefit is a key reason many people consider the surgery.

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