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Mohs Reconstruction

Mohs Reconstruction is a surgical technique used to repair skin following Mohs surgery, which targets specific types of skin cancer. This reconstructive approach aims to restore both the function and aesthetic appearance of areas impacted by cancer removal.

The Basics

In Mohs surgery, successive layers of cancerous skin are meticulously removed until only healthy tissue remains. Although this method ensures complete tumor excision while conserving as much normal tissue as possible, it can leave noticeable scars or wounds that may require cosmetic enhancement—particularly if they occur in prominent places such as the face or neck.

The objective of Mohs Reconstruction is to mend these defects using various methods including local flaps (repositioning adjacent skin) and grafting (transferring skin from another body part). These techniques aim for optimal functional recovery and visual improvement post-surgery.

Who is a good candidate?

Ideal candidates for this type of reconstruction typically include those who have had successful tumor removal via Mohs Surgery but are left with significant scarring; individuals whose self-esteem has been affected due to disfigurement; patients aiming for superior healing outcomes after large tumors have been extracted especially from delicate facial areas like the tip of the nose/eyelids/lips; people desiring minimal alteration around key features after dermatological surgeries.

It’s also essential to evaluate overall health when considering any invasive procedures including reconstructions post-Mohs operations — candidates should be generally stable physically/emotionally before undergoing such interventions.

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