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Mohs Reconstruction

Mohs Reconstruction is a surgical procedure that follows Mohs surgery, which treats specific types of skin cancer. The reconstruction aims to repair and restore the area where the malignant tissue was removed.

The Basics

During Mohs surgery, layers of skin containing cancer are gradually taken out and examined until only healthy tissue remains. This technique ensures all parts of the tumor are eradicated while preserving as much surrounding non-cancerous tissues as possible.

However, this process can sometimes result in wounds or scars requiring cosmetic correction depending on their size or location – particularly if they’re situated in highly visible areas like face or neck. That’s when Mohs Reconstruction becomes necessary: it seeks to fix these defects using various methods such as local flaps (repositioning nearby skin), grafting (moving skin from another part of body) etc., ensuring both functional recovery & aesthetic appeal after operation.

Who is a good candidate?

Ideal candidates for this type of reconstructive surgery include individuals who have had successful removal via Mohs Surgery but were left with significant scarring/wounds.

It should also be highlighted that patient health status plays an essential role in determining candidacy – one must generally be fit enough physically/emotionally before undergoing any kind-of invasive procedures

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