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Mohs Reconstruction

Mohs reconstruction is a specialized surgical procedure aimed at repairing skin defects resulting from Mohs micrographic surgery, a precise method for treating skin cancer. This procedure is focused on restoring skin integrity while minimizing scarring and preserving aesthetics.

For those needing skin reconstruction post-Mohs surgery, Mohs reconstruction offers a solution to restore skin integrity with minimal scarring. Consult with Dr. Sara R. Dickie to explore personalized treatment plans tailored to your needs. With her expertise and compassionate care, regain confidence in your skin’s health and appearance post-cancer treatment.

The Basics

Mohs surgery is renowned for its comprehensive approach to skin cancer treatment, leading to low recurrence rates. By examining each layer of tissue in real-time, surgeons can be confident that they have removed all cancerous cells, significantly reducing the risk of the cancer returning. This high level of accuracy makes Mohs surgery a preferred option for patients who have experienced recurrent skin cancer or who have aggressive tumors requiring thorough removal.

Who is a good candidate?

Candidates who have aggressive or recurrent skin cancer are ideal for Mohs surgery. This procedure allows for thorough examination of each layer of removed tissue, ensuring complete excision of cancer cells. It’s especially useful for individuals whose skin cancer has returned after previous treatment, providing a high success rate for complete removal while reducing the risk of further recurrence.

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